Care advice

In order for your jewelery from Annika Gustavsson to give you fun and joy for many years, it is important that you take care of it in the best possible way.


  • Please store the jewelery in the accompanying box or jewelery box when you are not using it.
  • Wipe the jewelery with a cleaning cloth after each use so that it is clean of make-up and skin oil etc.
  • To avoid your jewelery being exposed to unnecessary wear and tear, you should take off your jewelery when bathing, showering, washing up and gardening.
  • Also avoid sleeping with the jewelery on as it is then exposed to unnecessarily hard wear.
  • No metal, neither silver nor gold, does well in salt or chlorinated water.
  • Jewelery with matte surfaces should be handled with care. As the jewelery wears, the matte surfaces become shinier.
  • Check from time to time that the earring's small pusher, the "spinning bus", is properly seated in the notch. If it is loose, you can easily tighten the suspension by pressing it together a little.
  • Clean your jewelery regularly and it will retain its luster for longer.
  • Annika Gustavsson uses nickel-free 925 silver. Sometimes silver can darken, i.e. oxidize, this depends, among other things, on a that we humans excrete minerals and salts. This can be remedied with silver dip, which can be bought in specialist shops.
  • Jewelery with precious stones should be handed in once a year to have the stone and setting inspected.