Button coral

Button coral is a symbol of the gift of the sea, and we have immortalized its beauty in our jewelry.

Explore the beauty in the depths with the Knappkorall rings from Annika Gustavsson. Each ring is a tribute to the hidden treasures of the sea, carefully handcrafted to reflect its unique charm and mystery. These rings are not just jewelry; they are part of a larger story about the wonder of the sea and its eternal beauty.

The earrings

Our Button Coral earrings are little works of art for your ears, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and color to any outfit. Each pair is skillfully crafted by Annika Gustavsson, combining exquisite design with natural materials for a timeless beauty. Let these earrings be your daily reminder of the richness and mystery of the ocean.


The button coral bracelets from Annika Gustavsson are an enchanting mix of style and symbolism. Each bracelet is carefully handmade, and carries a part of the power of the sea. These bracelets represent not only elegance and sophistication, but also a deeper connection with nature. Just such a bracelet can transform a simple outfit into something completely unique.


Our Button Coral necklaces are more than just jewelry – they are expressions of your personal style and appreciation for the wonders of nature. These necklaces, created by Annika Gustavsson, have the ability to grab attention and create conversation.

Each necklace is made with precision and passion, resulting in a design as unique as the wearer. Experience the beauty and simplicity of Button Coral in every detail of these necklaces.

Button coral

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