Sustainability & Reuse

Annika Gustavsson creates jewelery to wear for a lifetime - for everyday life and parties, year after year. Timeless, high-quality jewelry that is not only worn and loved by you, but can also be passed down from generation to generation. As a goldsmith, Annika places great importance on combining Gotland design and feeling with genuine natural materials and genuine craftsmanship. All jewelery is made in recycled silver and gold and with conflict-free precious stones.

We love recycling!

Do you have gold at home that you are not using? With us, you are welcome to pay for jewelery from us with your gold. We help you analyze the gold, as well as value it based on the daily price.

Portable and personal
Perhaps you have inherited a piece of jewelry that means a lot but is not used? Then we can make a new piece of jewelry from that particular gold – a piece of jewelry to love and wear for life. We can also pick out and reuse precious stones and preserve engraving, it makes the new piece of jewelry a little extra personal!
PS We always recommend that you store your jewelery in the box provided (when not wearing it of course). There they feel at their best, and make them stay shiny and clean much longer. If you do not need the box, it is made of environmentally friendly materials and is therefore excellent for recycling.