Kollektion av doftljus

Collection of scented candles


    Let yourself be embraced by an atmosphere of calm and well-being with our new scented candle collections. Each candle is carefully crafted to bring the beauty of nature into your home and create a peace of mind that is hard to resist.

    Sea Scented Candle - Inspired by the Fossil Collection Our "Sea" scented candle collection is a tribute to the power and mystery of our oceans. It is inspired by our beloved Fossil Collection and carries a unique combination of freshness and depth that takes you on a journey through time and water.

    Forest Scented Candles - A Tribute to Nature's Splendor The "Forest" scented candles embrace you with the green freshness of the forest's secrets. This collection, inspired by our Forest Collection, creates an atmosphere of calm and anchoring.

    Scented Candle Harmony - Your Moment of Self-Time Our "Harmony" scented candle collection is a reminder of the importance of taking time for yourself. Inspired by our Egentid Collection, these candles offer a harmonious aroma that helps you reconnect with your inner peace.

    Discover the beauty of our new scented candle collections and let yourself be enveloped by the scents of nature. Create a relaxing atmosphere in your home and pamper your senses with our unique collection.

    4 products

    4 products