Ringar förlovning - hur gör man?

Calling engagement - how to do it?

Engagement is one of life's great events.

It is a symbol of love and a promise of the future. And of course you want to find the perfect engagement ring to celebrate the moment. But how do you actually go about choosing an engagement ring? Here are some tips:

Determine budget

Engagement rings are available in many different price ranges. Therefore, discuss early on what you can afford to put on the ring. Have a realistic budget so that you find something nice within this range.

Choose metal

The most common metals for engagement rings are gold (white, yellow or rose gold), platinum and titanium. Think about which metal fits best based on taste, skin sensitivity and budget. 18 carat gold is a classic standard.

Style and design

There are many different ring styles - with solitaire, side stones, infinity designs, and more. The ring should reflect your partner's personality. Surprise or involve your partner in the choice depending on what you think suits you best.


Be careful with the size so that the ring fits well and keeps the right shape. Discreetly measure your partner's ring finger or ask a jewelry store for help. Often the size needs to be adjusted slightly.

Stone and grinding

For diamonds, think about the 4Cs - carat, color, clarity and cut. Find a combination of size and quality within budget. Other stones such as sapphires or brilliants are also beautiful options.


Personalized text inside the ring is a nice keepsake. Consider initials, dates or a short message. It becomes a mature way to personalize the ring.

The engagement is the start of an exciting time in life. Take the time to find the perfect ring that you both love, and it will be a memory for life!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this.