Jewelery care

Give your jewelry the love it deserves! By taking good care of your jewelry from Annika Gustavsson, it will last not only for you but also for generations to come. How to take care of them depends a little on the material you chose. For all jewellery, however, we recommend that you always store them in the supplied jewelery box (when you are not wearing them, of course). The ashes, in turn, should not be stored in the bathroom, as moist environments are not suitable for either gold, silver or precious stones. If you need help to restore the shine of your jewelry, you are welcome to visit us in the forge! Here are some good tips on how to give your jewelry the love it deserves...


Regardless of whether you choose red gold, white gold or rose gold, it is a durable and durable material that requires very little maintenance. However, the gold gets scratched over time - feel free to bring them in to us or another goldsmith for refinishing and the jewelery will look like new again!


Silver often oxidizes over time and depending on use. Use polishing cloth or silver dip to easily give them their shine back!

Oxidized silver

The black oxidation is a surface treatment which means that it wears away over time and more and more of the silver is visible. We and many others think that an oxidized piece of jewelry usually gets better with time, but you can come in to us at any time for a new oxidation.

Diamonds & precious stones

If you have a piece of jewelery with diamonds or other precious stones, it is a good idea to wash the piece at regular intervals to keep the "sparkle" in the stone. You can do this easily with the help of a soft toothbrush, washing-up liquid and warm water. Brush gently and be extra careful to get under the stone (that's where most dirt collects). Then rinse thoroughly, dry with a clean and soft towel/cloth and then let the jewelery lie and air dry for a while before use.


Pearls are sensitive and more fragile than precious stones, which requires a little more care from you who wears them, as pearls are not precious stones. Always avoid chemicals such as hairspray, perfume, creams, etc. Also never dip pearl jewelry in silver dip. Pearls must be wiped off carefully with a clean and damp cloth as even dust can scratch a pearl.