Button coral


    Welcome to our exclusive Knappkorall collection, an expression of both tradition and innovation, created by Annika Gustavsson. Inspired by the natural beauty of Gotland's coast, each piece in this collection is uniquely shaped, embodying the timeless elegance of Knappkorall.

    Button coral is a symbol of the gift of the sea, and we have immortalized its beauty in our jewelry. Each piece of jewelry in the Knappkorall collection is created with the utmost care and precision, making them perfect pieces to add to your personal collection or give as a memorable gift.

    Each piece of jewelry in our Button Coral collection is crafted using traditional techniques and modern design, giving you a unique piece of art that can be worn and enjoyed for generations. With a variety of pieces available, including earrings, necklaces and rings, there's something for everyone to love.

    Explore our Knappkorall collection today and experience the beauty of Gotland through Annika Gustavsson's creative vision.

    25 products

    25 products