Egentid - Örhänge Myspace
Egentid - Örhänge Myspace

Egentid - Earring Myspace

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Egentid - Earring Myspace

Egentid jewelery collection - For your moments of reflection

In a world that is constantly moving at a breakneck pace, there are moments when we all long for a break. Our "Egentid" jewelry collection is a tribute to these moments of quiet reflection and self-love.

A woman in thought: Our beautiful necklace and earrings bear a subtle sculpture of a woman lost in her own thoughts. It's a reminder that it's perfectly okay to treat yourself to a moment of quiet and alone time.

Gold and silver - The choices for your heart: Choose between gold and silver to reflect your personal style. Regardless of the metal you choose, the jewelry will always be a symbol of the precious moments when you take care of yourself.

A reminder about self-care: The "Egentid" collection reminds us to listen to our inner self, to reflect and to nurture ourselves. These pieces of jewelry are more than just decorations - they are a symbol of self-love.

Wear our "Egentid - Earring Myspace" jewelry with pride and let it be a reminder that you deserve your moments of reflection and self-care. When you do, you carry with you a loving reminder that you matter.

Give yourself the gift of "Egentid - Myspace Earring" and let this collection be your daily reminder that you are worth it.

Store your Egentid - Earring Myspace - with love, care and beauty.

The earrings are sold in pairs.

Egentid - Earring Myspace

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